Hey! I'm Stephanie (:

I'm 19 years old
and I care more than I should most times.

I am happily taken by a lovely boy.
I have seven tattoos and more coming.
I'm currently enrolled in college and living on my own in an apartment with my boyfriend.

What started out as a weightloss blog has transformed into a mix of a personal one aswell. I am searching to finally feel confident in my own skin.

I would love for you to stay with me on my journey to find myself.

sw: 160
gw's - 150 145 140 135 130 125

Current Goal:

Reach GW2 by June 20th

For my personal pictures/posts click here
For my food intake and meal plans click here
For some of my weightloss tips click here
& For my daily/weekly weigh ins click here

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I swear to god if one more thing goes wrong Im going to cut my wrists and bleed all over the fucking floor. I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE

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06/05/2012 Weigh In

157.4 lbs

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Anonymous: what much do you weigh now?

Too much.

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Anonymous: ware can you but the floral bathing suit!?

I’m not sure what your referring to but I assume its a picture I reblogged in which case I don’t know dear, sorry!

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youareamazingpeople-deactivated: This tumblr just feels so lonely now. I felt that way when some of the blogs I talked to and really liked just deactivated. It felt like there was a big hole in tumblr. After a while I got used to it. But it is different now.

I know what you mean honey :/ I miss timblr when I started.

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Anonymous: I have about a month to loose like 10+ lbs. Any tips?! I'M DESPERATE!

Exercise and drink lots of water to fill you up :)

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Something healthy and simple to have for lunch!

Any ideas :)?

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My progress from January 2012 to March 2012. I’ve lost almost 15 pounds!

damn girl thats awesome!

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I’m at the gym right NOW!

Are you? (;

I’m at the gym right NOW!

Are you? (;

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